Holy Things

We have been experiencing some very incredible, very holy things in our days here in Chiapas. The days are moving so quickly that before it really “sinks in” that we only have three more days, we will be on our way home. Today we worshiped with Las Abejas, a community of indigenous people who suffered a horrible massacre in 1997. We were invited to “pray with our feet,” participate fully in communion, pray with them in the tomb of their loved ones, and sing a song for the whole community. The hospitality that we experienced was breathtaking and humbling. They are a “resurrection people,” who will not allow the power of death to silence them or to steal their joy for life.

Yesterday we spent the day with a group of indigenous women who are a part of a weaving co-operative that is lifting many of them out of complete poverty. The co-operative involves lots of workshops that help these women find their own power, resist violence against women in their own communities, and immerse them in a wonderful, and clearly joyful, community of women that are from so many different communities in Chiapas.

This is a very inadequate description of what we are experiencing, but hopefully will give all of you who are reading this blog some feel for what is happening in our lives. It is difficult to describe the  many ways we are being formed and changed by out teachers here. This night I am grateful as I have been for over 20 years for these particular teachers, our teachers,  who are the Maya indigenous people of Chiapas and Guatemala. They are in many ways the most transformative teachers I have ever had. May God bless them, and may all of us who are here be relentless in our work for justice until our teachers no longer suffer the horrors of poverty and oppression!

Chris Smith, the tired and overjoyed professor of our traveling community.

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4 thoughts on “Holy Things

  1. You have become a sacramental, born anew and more deeply, as you surrender and are touched by those whom you yourselves have come to bless. You are converted, transformed again, and will be forever an instrument of the God who has lifted the veil, that you might see and feel and experience the presence of the Holy
    When you walk and move and touch and lift in prayer, these sacramental graces will exude from you and embrace the other.

    Holy, Holy, Holy. We await excitedly for your return.

  2. Hi, Chris! I am finally catching up on the blogs, for real, this morning. Your last morning in Chiapas, I think? Which reminds me of our last day there in 2010 – you, me, Cheri and Kim, in the marketplace…

    Thanks for this entry – a lovely reminder of the women of indigenous Mexico, who have a special place in my heart as I think about justice in the world. I look forward to hearing more stories when you return.

    Wishing you joy and peace on this final day, and as you come home with Chiapas in your heart.

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