A Canopy of Hope

Prelude: The day of our meeting with FAMDEGUA, I took a moment to sit and reflect on the plants growing from the seminary’s ceilings. I wanted to write something that related to the Maya’s suffering and great loss. The plants became a metaphor for this understanding, alongside my own theology of what it means to be part of an eternal story. This is by no means my greatest stroke of brilliance as a poet, but I liked some of the imagery included and especially how the story of these flowers also related to the story of the Maya. Without further ado, A Canopy of Hope.  – Kris Anne


there is a canopy of hope

from which we all descend


reaching for the earth

dying as we descend

yet we shall continue

to blossom

as once our mothers did

impregnating the jounery

of hope as we descend


remember all the painful loss

the heavens bore our name

we shall not forget you

for you,

because of you

we still remain

onward we shall forward

the canopy of heaven

to remind

the hope of our tomorrow

shall mean you never die

for memory shall keep you


though the graves hang heavy

our lives shall overcome

tomorrow in our children born

your memory as one.

-Kris Anne

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One thought on “A Canopy of Hope

  1. Thank you for sharing these posts. I look forward to hearing what is happening on the trip. We certainly do take much for granted every day! Kris, your poem was thoughtful and revealed the spirit of the trip and your meeting with FAMDEGUA. A big Thank You for all the folks that have written and shared your thoughts, pictures and feelings on these posts. I pray that this trip continues to be a blessing for you all and that safe travels continue to fall over you!

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